Frequently Asked Questions

We are an American start-up investment management firm. Our experts study the healthcare market, finding new and exciting ways to invest. So we have a portfolio of investments in different types of assets in the healthcare business, from blue-chip companies to IPOs and private equities. Also, we have the first token in the market backed by this portfolio, ensuring “Healthcare Money Asset” as the first token containing stock market assets; it provides a profitable return to its holders and a utility token for trade and exchange.

A group of financial and medical experts working together in an interdisciplinary fashion to identify investment opportunities and new ideas to solve healthcare issues.

At the moment, there are two ways to invest in KTR Capital LLC.
1.-Buying our token, which is on the ICO phase 1 stage on 2.-Directly investing in our portfolio of healthcare assets; to do so, contact

Although the investment in crypto and stocks are contingent on the market volatility, our group of financial experts with more than 20 years of experience ensures that the portfolio included in our products is as stable as it gets and guarantees a steady increasing return to our clients. Also, our token is the first token that will contain equities on its value to ensure more stability than a simple token.

Healthcare Money Asset (HMA) is an Ethereum token that powers healthcare transformation. Through an established investment management firm specializing in the healthcare sector in the United States, we created a hybrid fund to offer a solution to the instability of cryptocurrencies, generating an actual stable value token. This Stablecoin combines the greatest virtues of DeFi and Traditional Finance. The main feature of the token is to invest in public equity markets of the United States and the World. The investment seeks results that correspond to the price and yield performance of publicly traded equity securities of companies in the healthcare sector.

We have created a unique portfolio with the insights of the healthcare universe on our medical experts and the financial fundamentals to create a stable return for our investors. By investing in HMA, you will have the opportunity to invest in our portfolio and have an increasing value on a token that future applications will be used to ensure healthcare access like medical insurance and access to our blockchain medical files.

The portfolio of KTR capital LLC is confidential for public knowledge, but you can enquire for more by contacting our associates at